Month: May 2020

Courts reopening!

I am pleased to inform you that the club will reopen for tennis at 8:30am, Saturday the 16th of May. Before you book a court can you read FLTC return to play requirements 13th May 2020 and ensure you can and will follow it in all respects. A risk assessment has been completed and changes were made today to safeguard members. These include changes to how the courts are accessed and how they are used. 
As a committee we have decided to include a provision for a member to play with another person(s) in their household who may not be a member themselves. This will be reviewed at the end of the month but is very likely to continue as we do not foresee a problem with court availability. 
Frensham LTC has a very sociable membership and there will be a temptation to catch up in groups with friends. We must resist that temptation and follow social distancing rules at all times.
The Clubhouse will remain closed for safety reasons, therefore we have decided to have a combination lock on each entrance to the courts. All fully paid up members will receive a code to gain access to the courts. 
Thank you for your patience and if there is any feedback on how we can improve these changes please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Hope everyone is looking forward to returning to tennis and hope the good weather continues.
Best wishes
Frensham LTC Committee

FLTC requirements 13th May 2020

Latest on lockdown from FLTC committee.

Following information received from the Government today. Tennis in England will be able to take place outdoors from Wednesday with singles play only, other than where players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.
The LTA are finalising full guidance for players, coaches and venues and they aim to share the information as soon as possible.

The Frensham committee are having a Zoom conference on Wednesday evening and information will be available to all members, hopefully on Thursday. Please do not try and use the courts until you have received a message advising of correct protocol.
Many thanks.