The juniors have coaching on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Classes start at age 4 through to age 17.   It is necessary for children to be members of the club to receive coaching.

Coaching is arranged by Matt Marlow who is our Head Coach and a member of the committee.  For any queries relating to lessons or junior coaching please email Matt on

Any adult or child who is attending drills/lessons at the club must take out annual membership of the club. Children under 7 are free but we still require a membership form to be completed and returned to Membership Secretary (address on form)

Matt Marlow

Matt Marlow

Juniors Coach

My name is Matt Marlow and I have 7 years coaching experience at a variety of clubs across all ages and abilities. I have a degree in sports science and management and a Masters degree in sport psychology so I have an in depth knowledge of how to get players to perform and stay motivated no matter what age or ability. I have been at the club for 4 years so I know the club well and have a good relationship with the committee and the majority of the adult members who currently have sessions with me already.